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Root Canals: What You Should Know Before Getting One

Hardly do you have people tell you that you require a root canal. It is not a very popular dental procedure, which may be somehow tied to the notion that it is a long and painful process. The truth remains that getting a root canal is one of the simplest dental procedures. It is usually a seamless and painless process that doesn’t take more than 45 minutes to complete. But before deciding to get a […]

5 Benefits of Periodontics That You Must Know!

Dental hygiene is very important in our day-to-day lives. But the irony remains that a lot of us get so carried away with life that we sometimes neglect caring for our teeth. Failing to maintain basic oral hygiene can result in a wide range of complications. Some of these complications can affect different regions around the mouth including the teeth, gums, and throat. One of the most prevalent of all oral health problems is gum […]

Cone-Beam X-Rays Benefits for Root Canal Patients

Cone-beam x-rays are critical for Root Canal Treatment (Endodontics). Endodontics Highland Park treatments have changed from traditional and contemporary dentistry practices to a more advanced and technologically treatment using cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) and cone-beam x-rays. The CT scan is most accurate in producing high-quality, detailed 3D X-ray images. When used for the tooth, it produces credible and transparent images of features of the tooth’s structure, including the jaw’s bone structure. The cone-beam CT (CBCT) […]

Will I Get Cavities After Having Veneers?

  Will I get cavities after having veneers? It is a valid question if you’re considering getting veneers because cavities are the tooth’s worst nightmare; they will ruin your smile and come with a lot of pain. As Highland Park dentistry gradually sets its place with other dental practices worldwide by housing knowledgeable and certified dentists who can handle all oral problems, getting a veneer or treating cavities will become the least of your tooth […]

What is the Downside of Dental Implants?

Not all dentists will talk about the downside of dental implants. Although there are many advantages associated with dental implants, there are also downsides, and it is crucial to understand them. You may be wondering what the disadvantages are. The downsides associated with dental implants include prolonged bleeding, damage to the teeth, jaw fractures, nerve damage, delayed bone healing, infection, and more. If you do not mind taking these risks, then a dental implant might […]