Cone-Beam X-Rays Benefits for Root Canal Patients


Cone-beam x-rays are critical for Root Canal Treatment (Endodontics). Endodontics Highland Park treatments have changed from traditional and contemporary dentistry practices to a more advanced and technologically treatment using cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) and cone-beam x-rays.

The CT scan is most accurate in producing high-quality, detailed 3D X-ray images. When used for the tooth, it produces credible and transparent images of features of the tooth’s structure, including the jaw’s bone structure.

The cone-beam CT (CBCT) produces detailed images of the facial bone, jaw, nasal cavity, dentition, sinuses, and complex tissue structures. It offers several benefits for patients and root canal specialists in highland parks.

Who is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is a dental treatment that involves removing the pulp of a decayed or infected tooth to treat the infected or decaying area.

It is a procedure that protects the tooth from infections and decay that can happen in the future. It is carried out in the root canal of the mouth, i.e., in the tooth’s pulp.

The root canal treatment involves removing the inflamed pulp, disinfecting and cleaning the surfaces inside and outside the tooth, and filling the hole to seal the opening.

When is a Root Canal Treatment Needed?

Root canal treatments become necessary when cavities are left untreated over a long period. Root canal Highland Park

Root canal therapy is also necessary when the tooth is damaged or cracked. Other reasons to get root canal treatment include;

  • When you have discomfort and pain in the tooth, jaw, and face.
  • When your teeth have a high sensitivity to cold and hot drinks.
  • When you have swollen, puffy, and tender gums.
  • When there’s a pimple or boil on the gum.
  • In cases of swollen jaw
  • When there’s discoloration in the tooth.
  • When you have tooth loss or a loose tooth.
  • When you have a cracked, broken, or chipped tooth.

How Does the Cone Beam X-Ray Work?

The cone-beam x-ray is a painless and non-invasive process that develops 3D images, unlike the regular X-rays that develop 2D images, and they help reduce scattering radiation. So how does this accurate and painless CT scan work?

  • The cone-beam CT scanner is a square-shaped machine attached to a chair with a rotating C-arm, an x-ray image intensifier containing an x-ray detector and source, and a table with a rotating gantry.
  • The C-arm chair and table gentry rotate the head in a 360-degree rotation, capturing several images of the jaw, facial angles, etc., In 3D images.
  • The images produced by the scanner are then used by dentist vs endodontist, or oral surgeons to treat oral problems and attain more information on the health of their patients.
  • The functionality and options available on the CB scanner provide medical practitioners with enough knowledge and information that enables them to give proper treatments.

Benefits of Cone-Beam X-Rays for Root Canal Patients

  • Your family dentist Highland Park will determine how nasty the infection in the root canal is and what necessary procedure must be done to treat it.
  • The Inferior Alveolar Nerve can be detected for protection during oral surgery or root canal procedures. It is hazardous to cause an injury to the Alveolar Nerve because it can reduce a person’s quality of life.
  • The CBCT identifies Odontogenic lesions, tumors, or cysts. Their location can be easily noticed and treated.
  • The CB x-ray can also be used to find other pathological risks or diseases that might lead to more investigation.
  • The CBCT will show if the teeth need to be extracted, and the endodontist highland park will be able to tell how soon they should be extracted.
  • It can spot the sinuses, and some dental pain can be produced. This allows early diagnosis and treatment.
  • The CBCT is used to determine if the tooth is healing after implants have been placed in the gum, after treatment, or if there’s a need for additional treatments.
  • The CBCT can detect Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome, a painful condition caused by the injured joint connecting the jaw to the skull. The degree of the injury is determined with the CBCT, and it ensures that proper treatment is administered.
  • Osteoarthritic changes can be checked with the CBCT to get a better look at the patient’s bone structure to monitor the bone’s composition.
  • Apnea, a temporary cessation of breathing that occurs during sleep, can be treated using CBCT to detect whether a mouth guard or snoring device is best for its treatment.

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