What is the Downside of Dental Implants?

Not all dentists will talk about the downside of dental implants. Although there are many advantages associated with dental implants, there are also downsides, and it is crucial to understand them. You may be wondering what the disadvantages are.

The downsides associated with dental implants include prolonged bleeding, damage to the teeth, jaw fractures, nerve damage, delayed bone healing, infection, and more. If you do not mind taking these risks, then a dental implant might just be for you. Aside from the downsides highlighted above, there are still a few others. So, we have dedicated this blog to highlighting these cons. Kindly scroll down and continue reading.

Some Downsides of Dental Implants

Dental implants have come with a few downsides. Here are some of the disadvantages of this procedure.

  • Complications May Arise

Like all other surgical procedures, dental implants also have complications. While these complications may be infrequent, some complications may arise a few years after placements. However, it is crucial to note that all complications can be checked and fixed.

  • More Doctors are Involved

The majority of dental implants are done in groups of doctors. Each of the doctors has a different role to play. While one makes the tooth for the implant, another performs the surgery. The challenge arises when the patient favors a doctor over the other. The cost is also higher, as each of the doctors needs to be paid for their services. The completion time also takes pretty long.

  • Cost

The costs of dental implants are pretty high, which is one of the reasons why most patients do not go for implants. However, compared to the cost of other dental procedures as well as the benefits that come along with it – the value the patient gets from it, the longevity of a teeth implant, and the fact that this implant fixes a very critical part of the body – the cost is pretty fair.

  • Your Regular Dentist Might be Able to Carry Out Implants

This is a bit of a challenge. However, sometimes some patients are used to their own dentist and therefore find it hard to go to other dentists to get their implants done. Even when the regular dentists of some patients recommend another dentist for this dental procedure, patients are still reluctant to give in, thereby causing a delay in the procedure.

  • Implants are not for Everyone

Before a dental implant can be carried out on anyone, the person’s bone condition is first checked to ascertain whether or not they are fit for it. The bone is sometimes too thin, the bone metabolism is interrupted by treatment with bisphosphonates for osteoporosis, or the bone graft may fail to integrate. The best dentist can tell if a patient qualifies for a dental implant or not.

  • Dental Implants Could Fail

Dental implants have a chance of failing, meaning that the implant may not support the faux tooth. And this may cause it to fall out or become loose. A few other things may increase the risk of failure such as, chronic illness, poor oral hygiene, and smoking.

  • It is a Surgical Procedure

Although a dental implant is thought to be a painful procedure, its discomfort cannot be compared to that of tooth extraction or root canal. Its discomfort can be likened to getting a filling – which isn’t as painful. The average time for this procedure is about ten minutes.

  • Medical Insurance Does not Cover it

Dental insurance does not cover the entire fee. Even if it is a dental and medical procedure, the dental insurance pays a very small portion of it, and medical insurance does not pay for it at all. People on a tight budget are mostly affected by this little to no insurance coverage, causing them to pay out of pocket.


Tooth loss is a challenge most adults will experience at some point in life. A dental implant presents a permanent solution and can significantly improve one’s quality of life. However, it comes with a few downsides, which we highlighted in this blog. We hope that this article enlightened you and will help you decide whether to opt for a dental implant or a different tooth replacement. At Highland Park Dentistry, our dentists can walk you through your consultation to help you pick the best option for you. Contact us now to schedule an appointment or call at (732)777-9077 for your dental care today.